Powerful, intelligent, street. King P from 8 Fifty Nine ENT is a lyricist and rap giant. Heavily influenced by the streets and the rap culture, this Kentucky artist is quickly emerging into the music scene. With tracks such as Rules, Lebron'z, and CommonWealth King P asserts himself as one of Kentucky's best rappers. Follow the movement.


KamDoe is a musical genius with creativity mixed with knowledge of the game. Starting at age nine becoming the new generations rap God he was shaped to prove so. Closing out local debate and surprising many in a rap beef audience young and old, his true talent began to take over. Nonetheless his true passion was creating the journey before the lyrics with over the top beat making and production. Now with a credible name pursuing a dream the limit for him is in his hands and endless.

Born into music, Jizzle, has always had an ear for rhythm. Inspired at an early age by legendary artists such as Earth Wind & Fire, No Limit Soldiers, Prince and N.W.A. Raised on West Broadway of Harrodsburg, Kentucky, trouble was nothing but easy to find. He moved to Norfolk, Virginia where he made a name in the street and on the mic. Doing cover shows with local bands, Jizzle found his passion for being on stage start to grow. Now he is striving to make 8 Fifty-Nine ENT a worldwide household name for endless years to come. This has become his life passion. 

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