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    featured fitness pro

    Vincent Van Dyke

    Pro Bodybuilder


    Personal: Married, 3 children


    Place of Birth: Harrodsburg, Kentucky




    State of residence: Kentucky


    Occupation: Factory


    Hobbies: Working out, fishing, hiking


    Favorite Movie: Suicide Squad


    Food: Steak


    Training since: 2014


    Year Turned PRO: 2017



    Height: 5' 10" 

    Weight: Preshow 190

    Weight: Show 175


    Education: College Graduate


    Best Body Part: Back


    Most Challenging Body Part: Chest


    Favorite Exercise: Deadlift


    Least Favorite Exercise: Bench press




    NGA Western Kentucky Natural

    1st Place - Novice Bodybuilding

    1st Place - Masters Bodybuilding 

    1st Place - Open LHW Bodybuilding & Overall 

    1st Place - Classic Physique


    NGA Bluegrass Championships

    1st Place - Open Bodybuilding LHW & Overall 


    BIO: Child of God, husband, father, and granddad. I love to laugh and I love hearing laughter. Working hard helps me sleep well.